Easy Metronome

Easy Metronome is the perfect beat timer for musicians to keep up the tempo during practice and live performances. It’s precise and easy to use, and exactly what you need when studying an instrument or rehearsing a new piece of music.

Music lessons feel simpler when the app gives you total control over the tempo. Set a precise BPM without effort. Choose from up to 16 beats and tap each beat to switch between 3 levels of individual emphasis or to mute them.

Teachers and experienced musicians can customize the app with a wide-range selection of time signatures and subdivisions to tailor their rhythm. You can even tap the beat and let Easy Metronome follow your lead.

Group rehearsals run smoothly when everyone can monitor the tempo visually with the large beat display on phones, tablets, Chromebooks and Macs. If you prefer to hear the beats, pick the sound that better matches your style.

Easy Metronome is versatile and customizable. Select between various beat sounds and see the colors match your wallpaper choice on Android 13+ or choose between different theme colors on iOS.

Our mission with Easy Metronome is to make the process of keeping time simple and intuitive so you can focus on your music. We are committed to enhancing and expanding our features, but rest assured, it will always be simple and easy to use.

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