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Easy Voice Recorder Pro Reviewed over at the Android Lounge

The team over at the Android Lounge recently wrote a great review of Easy Voice Recorder Pro; here’s a brief excerpt of what they had to say: Original, in German: Meine Meinung: Der Easy Voice Recorder Pro ist angenehm zu bedienen, macht tadellose Aufnahmen, und liefert ein paar nützliche Funktionen. Für meine Anforderungen (digitales Diktiergerät für Unterwegs, Live-Aufnahme […]

Be Careful With BuildConfig.DEBUG

In recent versions of the Android Developer Tools (ADT) for Eclipse, there’s a class called BuildConfig which is automatically generated by the build. This class is updated automatically by Android’s build system (like the R class), and it contains a static final boolean called DEBUG, which is normally set to true. The purpose of BuildConfig.DEBUG This new flag […]